Review: Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers


1.5 stars for me. Read this cause I really really wanna read about a kick ass female assassin!!!! And what I got instead was a girl who was dangerously incompetent at being an assassin that I have to question, how did she survive as long as she did?  Seriously, she accidentally poisoned herself within the first two chapters, and throughout the rest of the book gets injured constantly and hardly shows any skills worth mentioning as an assassin. Basically this was Romeo and Juliet re-branded into current day teen fiction, minus any awesome character’s such as Mercutio or Nurse, add cheesy villainy dialogue presto whamo, this is a dud for me. Sigh back to hunting for another kick ass female assassin in the teen section for me.


Angels and Demons

Rate: 2.9 out of 5


Robert Langdon, a college professor from Harvard gets a call that takes him straight to Rome where there is a mounting devastating plot from an ancient organization aiming to destroy the papacy.


Characters: 2/5

Plot:  6.5/10

Prose/Writing Style:  4/10

Pacing: 2/5

Well, I honestly tried to read a Dan Brown novel and here it is, it wasn’t all that bad! Although the novel suffered from lack of an intelligent main character and  corny hollywood setted plotline, I was really enjoying the ending of the book! Character descriptions are kinda cheap, I understand Langdon can be middle age and ‘hot’ as well… but well… I don’t know I didn’t feel any directly likable personalities of Langdon. But despite all the faults of the main character, the side characters were all interesting 😀 Vittoria was a kick-ass character, practically she is the one who’s intelligence and courage brings up the good side’s abilities. I really enjoyed the killer’s dialogues too! He’s a practical man.

Since a Robert Langdon novel happens within the space time of 1 day, there’s plenty of stretching impossibilities that happen. A lot of running is involved…. and plenty of poor decisions are made…. but all in I really did enjoy the plot twists XD Perhaps if Langdon was smarter I would not have caught sight of the ending, which included a lot of misleading clues.

But of course…. in reality? I’ll take some interrogation pointers from this book, which is shoot first (preferably limbs are viable targets) than ask questions later. ^0^

And… dang…  I find this older first edition cover to be a lot nicer than the current cover, well… its all courtesy of Wiki 😀

Book Girl and the Famished Spirit Vol.2

Rate: 4.5 out of 5

Ooo if only I have the same abilities as Book girl to enjoy any books!!!

All right, let me get down to series business.


This book is the second sequel to Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime. After the events that happened previously to the literary club, they all settle back to their normal life routine where Konoha must dutifully forcibly write short stories for his class president as her snacks. Club president and Book Girl Tohko loves books soo much that she can eat them all up. However one day the club gets these cryptically odd messages in their mail box. Tohko drags Konha in search of who wrote them the letters. but they find out that the writer might not even be a live.


Characters:  5/5

Plot:  8.5/10

Prose/ Writing:   9/10

Pacing: 4.5/5

There’s an underlining story within this story, hehe unfortunately I don’t want to go into too much detail because I would be spoiling the story. I read the side story that takes place after this book, (Book Girl and the Undine who Bore a Moonflower)  so I finally met the character that Maki was referring to XD

But yes, there were more characters introduced! But I love the current main characters. Konoha’s past is explained a bit further, but I felt that I was more confused about Konoha’s past. It was a small part in this book, but now I’m really interested to see a full explanation of Konoha’s past. Tohko doesn’t appear much this time, since Konoha avoids her -0-, but Maki comes around to give them support, and there’s Tohko’s younger son of the family that she’s boarding with.

All in all a total of 4.5 out of 5! I can’t wait to read more in the light novel series! Perhaps I’ll grow into a book eating goblin like Tohko XD

Kieli White Wake on the Sand Vol 2

Rate 4.9 out of 5

Summary: (No spoilers)

The second book continues where after Kieli, Harvey and the Corporal had managed to escape the Church’s people, and they continued their journey to cross the Sand Ocean by a cruise ship.

There’s something that is haunting the cruise ship they are aboard, and as Kieli and Harvey become  drawn deeper into the conflicts that encloses their voyage, they learn secrets and forgotten pasts of their own.


Characters   6/5 (  (because of there are extra characters introduced that broke my heart!! So it also broke the scale!)

Plot  9/10

Prose/ Writing style     4.5/10

(NEW)   Pacing    4/5

Oh the characters that appeared in this book that will never come back! But of course I love the main characters!! Ahem… perhaps Harvey can be nicer some times, but it’s understandable that being immortal does leave you cranky.

I added the new bit called pacing in my points, because I noticed, its essential to a story that some stuff gets laid out well. Although pacing has more effect for mystery types of stories XD In this book, as an episodic styled novel where each chapter represented a separate issue and resolution,  there were times when I felt that was slightly dragged, mostly in the beginning chapters. But that was the author’s clever way to throw off the reader’s expectations!

More characters are introduced and they further the story as they bring in different perspectives about the history of the world they live on and the reality of the current governing society of the Church’s abilities.

After the first book, the second one answered some of the questions that were left hanging, as to Kieli’s past and to some bits about Harvey’s past.

The Corporal didn’t appear much in the second book due 😦 But this book was more about the past for Harvey and for Kieli.

I really loved all the characters that appeared in this book! I hope one day there might be some characters who could join Harvey and Kieli XD But this book was perhaps the sweetest and I’m counting it as the saddest one I’ve read yet ;__;

All right!!! I can’t wait to continue on in Kieli and Harvey’s story! It’s already finished in Japan, and Yen Press is about to publish the final volume in the series. Ahhh I wish there can be more wonderful light novels that would be translated over!!

Thus the total rate of 4.9/5!!!!

Thanks!!! I hope you can enjoy this series as much as I have!! Two books in and there’s still so much left unknown!

An Incidental Hero

Hey this here is just a fanfic that I wrote for my English paper >.< We had the chance to write a fanfiction on any of the works that we did, and I chose to do it on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! Hope you can enjoy it! Thanks!! ^0^/


The bell rang as the students assembled into a small and cramped classroom. There were hardly any desks and it appeared to the couple of students who came in slightly late that even the professor hadn’t arrived yet. They looked at each other puzzled but shrugged and settled down to wait for the professor. Ten minutes passed by and then the classroom doors opened. A relatively young girl with glasses tucked tightly over her deep dark brown eyes looked into the classroom. There were four other students who were already there and they stared at her slightly surprised that perhaps this was their professor. But the girl just ambled in quietly and stood beside another tall golden haired student.

He looked at her and smiled at the young girl and introduced himself. ‘Hi, I’m Mark. The prof hasn’t arrived so we haven’t done anything utterly exciting yet.’

‘Oh, hi I’m Ellie!’ Ellie grinned as she grabbed Marks hand and shook them wildly.

‘Hey there, I’m Kayley the girlfriend of this big oaf here; it’s nice to meet you!’ The girl who stood beside Mark with wavy red golden hair smiled and shook Ellie’s hand too.

‘Oh, did a lot people not show up today?’ Ellie asked as she looked around at her classmates she noticed that apart from her and the two she met, there were only two other people staring at them.

‘Oh don’t worry about that! This is the limit per class; otherwise we would be really cramped if more people showed up,’ Kayley explained.

Ellie looked around and noticed that the classroom was hardly much of a classroom. On second glance the room appeared more similar to an extra-large walk-in closet with desks strewn around haphazardly and dusty chairs were lying scattered and fallen. Just then as Ellie looked back to ask another question, the classroom doors blew open and in strode a dishevelled yet jovial lady with spectators tucked over her deep blue eyes.

She smiled at her students and exclaimed, ‘Oh it’s great that we’ve got more students this year for the course! Wonderful! I hope you’ve all had a great break, and perhaps you’ve read all the books assigned. We’ll be going straight into our first study soon, so I hope you’ve all prepared for it! We’re only going to be staying for twenty-four hours there. Oh and yes I can’t repeat how important it is to leave your texts at home. We can’t have people stumbling over them. Now that would turn out disastrous for everyone if it were to happen! You can bring a notebook but I suggest you should scratch out any names written on the texts. A list of dangerous areas would be a good idea as well. All right well then I guess we should go over some safety measures first….’

‘Hi professor,’ a small voice piped up as it belong to one of the other students who had come in earlier than Ellie, his voice was high and nervous, ‘ Um, I did bring one of my texts, but it’s not related to the first study though.’

‘Oh that should be fine.’ Professor smiled encouragingly. ‘Oh I forgot to mention! Since we’ll be going straight into our first study we should first get to know each other. My name is Zoe Gachbell, and I’m your special instructing professor for this term’s popular fiction realm studies. I hope you’ll all learn something special this term!’

Professor Gachbell looked down at her hand watch and nodded. ‘I suggest that you should all find a chair to sit on or something to hold onto soon, because it is almost time.’

She smiled excitedly and went over to the teaching desk. Ellie looked around as the other students rushed to pick up either a dusty chair or one of the odd desks to sit onto. Kayley waved at Ellie to come over as she had saved a desk for her. As soon as Ellie sat onto her desk, the classroom began to rumble and lurch. Shocked Ellie held her bag close to her as she tightened her grip on her desk when the classroom began to spin and everything around her tumbled and rocked blurring her vision from seeing anything. Wh..what’s going on??!! Ellie wanted to scream as her stomach lurched from the constant juggling and spinning. But as soon as Ellie began to open her mouth to scream all of a sudden everything came back into focus again. The classroom was back to normal except for some students had ended up nearer to the chalkboard or at the other side of the classroom. Kayley laughed as if it was a ride for her and Mark who unfortunately ended up at the other side of the classroom just sighed.

“All right!’ Professor Gachbell stretched up and exclaimed, ‘Welcome to Hogwartz School of Wichcraft and Wizardry!”

She looked down at her watch, and she jumped off her desk ‘Oh, you ought to get going now! This time we lost seventeen whole hours! Hopefully you’ve all brought your own watches. Now instead of having twenty four hours, I’m afraid we’re only left with seven hours now.’ Professor Gachbell sighed; it was disheartening to lose so much time.

‘Um, Professor,’ Ellie looked over at the student who had spoken before with a nervous hitch. ‘How could we be in Hogwartz? We’re still in the same classroom, and it’s impossible to go to Hogwartz, it’s a fictional world that doesn’t exist.’

Professor Gachbell nodded her head and then smiled as if she had a great big candy treat to show. ‘Oh yes we are still in the same classroom as before, but unfortunately we’re not in the same school anymore! Well I wish I could explain you the details, but we shouldn’t worry about it right now. You’re all specially picked students for this course. Your assignment for the day is to go out and explore Hogwartz from the children classic novel of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! Since we’re limited to only seven hours, I should note that we’ve arrived at perhaps the end of term. So we’ve probably landed inside a closet of the Room of Requirements. Just remember, once you’re done exploring the place, just look for this room as you need it to return home and you’ll find it! It’s more of a closet space so just come up to the seventh floor to find it.’ Professor Gatchbell smiled and then she nodded towards the classroom door, as if to note that they were all free to go ahead.

Kayley stretched and looked towards Mark as he sauntered over. ‘I guess we outta go before time runs out! This place always does that to us whenever we drop by’ Kayley explained to Ellie.

Mark picked up Kayley’s bag and then smiled at Ellie and said ‘don’t worry it’s not that crazy, trust me all the students went home and we’re just left with the school and the ghosts. So if it’s your first time you shouldn’t worry about messing anything up. Just go out there and check out the place. If you’re worried you could always find your way back here, the prof will be waiting here for us.’ Kayley nodded at Ellie encouragingly and then she opened the door and Mark went after her.

Slowly each of the other students trickled out except for Professor Gachbell who was starting to set out her bags and rearranging some of the desks and chairs into a more comfortable station. Then there was only Ellie and another student left in the class, she was tall and had shoulder length chestnut brown hair. She looked at Ellie and motioned her to follow her.

‘Hey, you shouldn’t be so worried, just try going out there!’ The girl smiled at her and opened the door out to a hallway that was oddly larger than the hall she had previously walked through.

‘Oh, thanks for helping me out, um I’m Ellie.’ Ellie held her hand out to the girl.

‘Well its nice meeting you Ellie, I’m Milla. Good luck out there! If you meet a man with a huge beard tell him I said hi!’ She winked at Ellie and then she walked out into the hallway.

Ellie was the last student in the classroom at this point. Professor Gachbell had even pulled out some books and papers to grade. She even had a quill at the ready.

‘Well you never know who stumbles into this room once in a while’ Professor Gachbell explained to Ellie.

Ok… I guess I’ll just go out and see what everyone is talking about. Ellie went to the classroom doors and then she held her handbag and opened the door. The hallway that she saw behind the other students was facing her now. She walked out and noticed immediately that it was entirely different from the University’s hallways. The ceiling had long and expansive arches. Ellie turned around to look at the classroom doors as they close, but when she looked the doors were gone and there was nothing but bricks matching the hallway. It seemed as if the classroom had just vanished. Startled Ellie stumbled away from the wall. She looked down the hall and noticed that there were a mass of students at the end of the hall. It didn’t seem odd to her at first but then Ellie remembered Mark saying that it was already the end of term, and that the students had all gone home. Ellie walked down the hallway and mingled into the sea of black robed students as the crowd was surrounding around two younger robed students. The two students were being bombarded with questions and they looked tired and worried. Ellie slowly edged out of the group as they tried to get closer to the two students who Ellie noticed could only be Ron and Hermione. It appeared that the two were probably talking about all that had happened to them and the incident. Luckily no one noticed Ellie as she started going down another hallway away from the commotion.

As Ellie continued on, she noticed a person who didn’t seem to be wearing the black school robes like the students or look old enough to be a professor. Ellie recognized him; he was the nervous student within her classroom! Ellie was glad to meet up with someone that she was familiar with and she ran over to greet him but then she noticed that he was trembling in pain as he was hunched over.

‘Are you all right? I’m Ellie we’re in the same class together.’ Ellie asked him as she reached to the poor nervous student.

But then Ellie heard his whispers, they were ominous and raspy screeching ‘…killll hiiimm….. killl himmmm!!!!’

Worried yet stunned, Ellie couldn’t move as she recognized the voice! It was a voice that she had only ever imagined of when she read the book, it was Voldemort’s voice! Suddenly the nervous student turned up and stared right at Ellie, his eyes were blood red as if he had been crying. Caught off guard Ellie looked at him as he screeched ‘KILLL HIMMMM!!!! The stone… the stone!!!!’ Ellie reacted and smacked the poor nervous student as he had slowly been edging towards her. The shock of the smack threw the student’s head the other way, and in that moment Ellie swore that she saw some light grey transparent fuzz sliding away as fast as possible.

‘Ahh… it seems like we’ve got another hero today.’ A deep voice bounded behind Ellie which made her jump around and meet with a tall long bearded man with twinkling blue eyes smiling down at her.

‘Yes, I agree. If she hadn’t done something I was afraid I would have to step in,’ this time this voice was clear and particular, which reminded Ellie of her Realms professor. She turned and noted that it was her Realms professor staring up at her. He waddled up to her and nodded his head in appraisal, and then he went over to the student to help him up. Ellie went over to pick him up on his other side. Her professor was still too short as an emperor penguin at his fullest height would only reach her shoulder. Albus Dumbledore came over to her and her Realms professor Florrik, he looked at Ellie and gave her a small red stone.

‘Here, I believe I should entrust it to you to take care of it. Unfortunately I can’t destroy it myself, but you should be able to. Well, Florrik it was wonderful seeing you again! Perhaps you should drop by another time soon!’ With that Dumbledore left them as he rushed off to tend to an injured boy.

‘Oo um… Milla told me to say hi for her’ Ellie remembered as she notified Dumbledore while he was still in the hallway. Dumbledore turned around and nodded jovially and then continued on down the hallway.

‘All right Ellie, I think we ought to take Ben here back to class, and then we can figure out what to do with that stone there.’ Professor Florrik said, and Ellie nodded as she pocketed the Philosopher’s Stone safely in her pocket.

~~~~~~~~~ THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?

Kieli The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness Vol 1

Rate: 4.9 out of 5

This was such a sweet book! A romance/science fiction genre is a plus for me!

I’m afraid my own summary just can justify this book! The back summary for the book is actually what drew me to reading this book, and I was not disappointed! An uncommon romantic story that was sweet and yet delightfully engrossing!

Kieli draws you in as she’s a character that has lived alone for far too long. Without any family members or friends she finds herself drawn towards Harvey who is an immortal soldier who has lost all of his friends and family. Undoubtedly they are chased by the governing Church as Harvey is hunted down. Kieli risks her life to follow Harvey as he is the only person she feels that she has a place beside. Since Kieli has the ability of seeing and attracting ghosts, she finds out that Harvey shares this ability with her. Together they travel towards helping a fellow corporal who is possessing an old radio.


Character: 5/5

Plot: 10/10

Prose/Writing Style:  4.5/5

With a total summary rate of 4.9/5!!!!

Just some slightly odd sentence structures, but other than that this book was just perfectly paced! Episodic in nature as each chapter has it’s own conflict, but perfectly laid out in the order to show and develop the characters past and their nature. It is a serial light novel translated from Japanese by Yen Press. (Who are AWESOME publishing translators!!!! Yay!! They’re the best at picking up a series and NEVER droping it!!! Ahem….’… unnamed yet numerous other publishing translators!!! ) There is a manga that adapted this light novel, but there was only 2 volumes of the manga.

If your looking for that sweet light, but unique romantic story, this is worth reading!!!


Note: This is my side review that I wrote previously from goodreads:

I just read this book over last night, it was perhaps the most cutest and sweetest romance novel I’ve read in a long time. The story is about a girl named Kieli who finds herself living in a boarding school on her own without any family or friends. She has the ability to see ghosts, but this ability costs her the chance to make any ‘living’ friends. The world that this story is set upon is another world far into the future where there is hardly any living plants and the society is firmly based upon fossil fuels. She meets Harvey who has the same ability as her to see ghosts as well as being an Undead soldier who has lived over eighty years since the end of the great War. She ends up following him on an adventure that takes her far away from her boarding school and seeing the world as it is. There is a manga adaptation, but the novel has illustrations that are done by another artist. This book was a beautiful story, and I really would love to read the other light novels in this series!

In part hopefully I didn’t drag out the extended…extension of the plot summary! Hope you’ll find the book as wonderful as I did 🙂

Book Girl and The Suicidal Mime

Rate: 4.9 out of 5

Ahh… I can’t tell you how much I’ve started to love this series!!

Ok! So I’ve gotten to read the first book in this series! I started with the 6th book which was Book Girl and the Undine who Bore a Moonflower and it drew me in, now after I’ve read the first book I fully understand the characters more!

The main character Tohko is a third year high school student (grade 11) who loves books so much to the point that she literally devours them up. She is unable to taste normal food, however as an eccentric lover of stories, she could imagine and actually taste the stories themselves! The story is narrated from Konoha’s perspective, and occasionally there’s parts of the story from a mysterous person’s perspective as well.  Konoha is a 1st year (grade 10) who had met Tohko when she had accidentally been eating a library book. He ends up being forced to join the book club that Tohko is the current president of. She sets Konoha into writing up short story ‘snacks’ for her using a 3 letter prompt. Being a method of improvised writing using 3 letters Konoha must write a story up in the short time that he’s given. Konoha is a quite person who has been distancing himself away from people ever since he left middle school and his haunting past. But despite that, he himself is drawn towards Tohko and he ends up enjoying the peaceful time he spends within the book club.

Just as so they spend most of their hours at the club room, but one day a student named Chia Takada came and asked them to help her with a problem. She had fallen in love with a boy from the archery club. She asked the book club to help her out in confessing her feelings. Konoha ends up agreeing to writing up love letters for Chia to give to her crush. And so this sets the story off in a direction that was light and exhilarating as well because as soon as Konoha wondered who the boy Chia had a crush on that hooked me further!!

Hmm… I guess I could compare it being similar to a jawbreaker XD At first this story was sweet and simple, but then there was so many layers to it!! Yeah! If your looking for a fun romantic story with a twist, this series is worth it!

So to sum it up I’m giving this book a rank of 4.9 out of 5!!!!

Characters 5/5

Plot 10/10

Prose/Writing Style 3/5

Only just cause it’s a translated book there were some slightly awkward wordings and confusing moments, but despite that….. it’s one of the sweetest and delectable story I’ve gotten to read since!!!

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